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What is Double Red Digital?

We’re a company focused on providing effective and efficient web development and marketing solutions for small businesses that want to be engaged with the process of creating and managing their online presence for North Georgia. From digital marketing to web development, we believe the best results are achieved when your chosen web developer builds a relationship of trust and transparency between the client and company.

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Why choose us?

Because being apart of the process matters and that leads to better results. If you’re not interested in being engaged with your online presence, then why expect it to grow? You wouldn’t plant a sapling and walk away expecting it to flourish without any care. You wouldn’t build a new office without ever checking in on what the contractor is doing. So why would you leave your online presence to decay over time without improvement?

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Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO makes your website more digestible for search engines. Perhaps technical or on-site SEO could be compared to eating smaller bites of food at your next meal. Sure you could gobble down that juicy 16oz ribeye in just a…

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Do you really understand your users?

Never make assumptions about your users without good data. Many times I've been in meetings with clients where broad assumptions were made about their users’ various capabilities, habits, and preferences. Sometimes it was about how their UI should look, other…

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Interested in learning more?

If you’re in the greater North Georgia area and think Double Red Digital would be a great fit for your business, then please contact us today! We’d love to discuss how we could help improve your online presence or answer any questions you might have too.